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Achieve your body goals with our

Nutritious, Portion Controlled Meals

What we offer

What we can do for you.

Macro Meals Jhb prepares nutritious, portion controlled meals for busy people looking to achieve their body goals under strict hygienic conditions. 

All meals are fresh and can be frozen. Chicken and beef are sourced from halaal suppliers. 

As an additonal service, personalised macro calculated meals can be arranged to align with your specific needs. 

Breakfast / Mid-Morning Snacks

Eat breakfast like a king and start your day off right! We offer a range of delicious and nutritious  breakfast and mid-morning snack options to keep you satiated until lunch. 

Low Carb Light Lunches / Dinners

Your lunch and dinner choices must reflect your body, health and nutrition goals. We have a range of carefully curated, recipe tested low carb light lunch and dinner options in our chicken and beef range. Vegetarian and vegan options also available. Take a look! 

Vegetarian and Vegan

Introducing more plant based meals into your diet offers great nutritional and environmental benefits. We have some wholesome options to choose from here. 

Our Popular Meals

Fresh seasonal and creative menus for all occasions
Tandoori Chicken and Asian Chicken New Upload

Tandoori Chicken and Asian Chicken

Egg Muffins

Soya & Veg

Asian persuasion chicken

Moroccan Snack Balls

Tandoori Chicken Masala

Banana oat pancakes with chocolate chips | Macro Meals

Banana oat pancakes with chocolate chips

Earth Goddess Green Juice

Mushroom and cheese egg muffin | Macro Meals

Mushroom and cheese egg muffin

Tandoori chicken masala and stir fried veg

Why Choose Us

Food is life!

We can tailor make a weekly or monthly packages to suit your individual needs if our current weekly and monthly special  packages don’t entice you. Please check with us on the minimum order amount that applies if you create your own packages. 

Order low carb, delicious and nutritious meals from us today.

Reliable Service and On Time Delivery


Our Story

Passion Meets Purpose!

Meet the CEO and founder of Macro Meals, Lovanya Moodley.  She shares one of her core beliefs in this quote: ” Food is life! I founded Macro Meals to breathe life into my dream of bringing healthy, nutritious meals to busy people who simply do not have the time to meal prep and macro count! 

As a corporate lawyer by profession,  I get it – long gruelling hours spent seated, hunched in front of a laptop over the course of a largely sedentary day, does not bode well for those summer body goals! 

Macro Meals takes care of that by preparing and delivering fresh, nutritious, delicious and portion controlled meals to you. You do life, while we build your abs in the kitchen! This is my passion. And when passion meets purpose you become fulfilled in your role of helping others, life has meaning and you strive to do your best and be your best. 

Helping others, in turn, fulfils you. Passions can change and it’s never too late to discover new ones. One of my greatest passions in life is food. Food is life!”

“ With Lovanya’s passion, drive, creativity and eye for detail, this venture will be a roaring success! 🌸 ”
“ The food looks great, tastes amazing and is s0 healthy! Thanks Macro Meals for making staying healthy so easy and affordable. ”
“ Macro Meals are convenient, delicious and healthy. They require no prep and the ingredients are always fresh.”


Includes delivery within a 3.5km of Sandton City or alternate collection / delivery can be arranged.

Delivery rates outside this radius will be confirmed on receipt of order if applicable. 

Weekly Special

Package Includes

5 x Breakfast
5 X Lunches/Dinners
3 x Snack Packs
@ R950.00 per Week
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Monthly Special

Package Includes

20 x Breakfast
20 X Lunches/Dinners
6 x Snack Packs
@ R3300.00 per Month
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Delivery Details & Additional Notes:

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Please Note:

Orders must be placed atleast 48 hours in advance of the date that you require delivery, by 09:00 on the day of order. 

Orders are only processed once proof of payment is received.

Delivery within 10km of Sandton City is FREE for orders of R550.00 or more.

Orders less than R550.00 and/or outside of the 10km radius of Sandton City will attract a delivery fee to be advised on receipt of your order.

Orders may be collected by arrangement in Sandton central.

Delivery Details & Additional Notes:

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Breakfast / Mid-morning Snacks
Includes Vegetarian & Vegan
1. Oh so good! Omega Bowl

Overnight oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, unsweetened almond milk, blended dates, slivered almonds topped with seasonal fruit.



2. Cheeky chia pudding

Slivered almonds, chia seeds, almond or soy milk, blended dates, mango*, strawberries* *May be replaced with other seasonal fruit.  ADD: Raw Honey … R5.00




3. Mr Chinwag carrot cake oats

This is a soft pudding-like brekkie. You can eat cold or warm up. No refined sugar. Contains soy/almond milk, water, carrots, flaxseed, dates, flaked coconut, vanilla, almonds, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Add more water or milk of choice for desired texture.


350ml………..R85.00 (Serves 2)

4. Apple Pie Oats

This sweet cinnamon and apple oatmeal feels like warm, comforting, hug in a tub! You can enjoy it cold but we recommend that it be enjoyed warm. No refined sugar. Contains apples, cinnamon, soy/almond milk, chia seeds/flaxseed, dates, maple syrup/honey, flaked coconut, vanilla, and nutmeg. Add more water or milk of choice for desired texture


350ml………..R85.00 (Serves 2)

5. Spiced Pear and Nut Oats

Juicy soft pears spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg with some added crunch from nuts, makes this breakfast delicious and packed with vitamin B folate. You can enjoy it cold or warm up. No refined sugar. Contains pear, cinnamon, soy/almond milk, chia seeds/flaxseed, dates, maple syrup/honey, flaked coconut, vanilla, and nutmeg. Add more water or milk of choice for desired texture.


350ml………..R85.00 (Serves 2)

6.Masala chai Oats

Start your morning with this indian delight! This chai inspired oatmeal is best eaten warm, so you enjoy the full flavour! No refined sugar. Contains cardamom (elachi), fresh ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, special chai blend, soy/almond milk, chia seeds/flaxseed, dates, maple syrup/honey, flaked coconut, vanilla, and nutmeg. Add more water or milk of choice for desired texture


350ml………..R85.00 (Serves 2)

7. Morrocan snack bombs

These are imported date and coconut ‘bombs’. These are date balls covered in coconut with a hint of peanut butter and a splash of soy milk.

6 in a pack………..R50.00

8. Earth Goddess Green Juice

Apple, baby spinach, ginger, mint, spring water)

ADD: Dates for natural sweetness…….R5.00

350 ml…………R40.00

500 ml…………R60.00

9. Egg Muffins

Choose flavour: / Green pepper and sweetcorn / Mushroom, onion and cheddar / Sweetcorn and cheese / Tomato, basil and feta / Feta and mushrooms

ADD: Green chilli….R5.00

6 in a pack……………R50.00

Egg muffins can be refrigerated for 3 to 4 days, heat and eat as needed. Amazing with a hot sauce of your choice or add chilli on order.

10. Banana Oat Pancakes

These pancakes are made from oats, eggs, and bananas, and are perfect for a breakfast treat without the guilt

ADD: Chocolate chips…R5.00

6 in a pack…………………..R60.00

12 in a pack…………………R90.00


We do our absolute best to track every ingredient that goes into our meals accurately to provide you with the most accurate calorie* and macronutrient* count that we can. At best, it can only ever be a well-informed estimate. We do not represent that the calorie and macronutrient count provided is an absolute value. Macro Meals Jhb may offer products with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs and/or wheat and other allergens not listed. While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross contamination, we do not accept liability for or guarantee that any of our products are safe to consume for people with peanut, tree nut, soy, milk, egg and/or wheat allergies or similar food allergies pertaining to items not listed here. All items are subject to availability. This menu is subject to change due to customer demand. We will therefore always confirm your order before requesting payment be made, so you’re 100% happy with the items due to be delivered to you. From time to time the demand for a popular dish may result in us selling out, therefore an alternative dish will be offered in its place and we will always try to accommodate customer’s needs within reason. C=Carbohydrates, F=Fat, P=Protein


Low Carb Light Lunches / Dinners
Includes Vegetarian & Vegan
1. Spice up your life!

Tandoori masala chicken fillets or strips with fresh stir fried vegetables

ADD: Rice..R10.00


2. Sweet potato & rosemary soup

This winter warmer is comforting and conscious eating at its best. A dash of olive oil, splash of vegetable stock and finely chopped onions brings together the sweet potato and rosemary flavours and a touch of garlic completes this favourite! Serve with toasted ciabatta if you’d like.

Serves 4 (1.25 cups per serving)…R200.00


3. Barbados Barbecue chicken and signature tomato salsa

This is a tropical chicken dish with BBQ spiced chicken strips and a side of tomato, mango* and coconut salsa in a light olive oil and sweet basil dressing. Add salt as you desire. Mango* may be replaced by another seasonal fruit.

350g………… R85.00

4. Peanut lime cauliflower salad

Best served chilled, this low carb thai inspired salad hits the right flavour notes. A smidge of coconut oil, ginger, fresh lime and splash of soy give this dish an inspiring finish. It’s added peppers, onion and peanuts bulk it up to give you a satisfying end result.
Serves 4 (1.25 cups per serving)….R200.00


5. Goan masala steak strips and gem squash with cold sweetcorn and cucumber salad.

Tamarind, soy sauce and mixed spices give these steak strips a special flavour with gem squash and palette cooling sweetcorn and cucumber salad.


6. Lentil & Sweet* Potato Shepherd’s Pie

This vegetable power-house contains a medley of veggies, beneath sweet potato mash. Best served warm and perfect for a comforting work lunch.  *May be replaced with white potatoes



7. Tri-colour pot

Tender barbecue chicken strips, gem squash, sweetcorn and peas

ADD: Rice….R10.00


8. Asian persuasion!

Asian sesame beef or chicken strips with fresh stir fried vegetables

Chicken – 350g…….R75.00

Beef – 350g…….R85.00

Vegetables with soya sausages (no eggs) – 350g…….R70.00

ADD: Rice…………R10.00

Soy and toasted sesame seeds in this Asian inspired stir fry with protein of your choice, stir fried in a dash of coconut oil with fresh crunchy vegetables

9. Chinese Fried Rice

Chicken – 350g………………………R80.00

Beef -350g……………………………..R85.00

Vegetarian – Vegetables with eggs- 350g.. R75.00  

 Vegan – No eggs – 350g………….. R80.00

10. Asian beef and green peppers

Light stir fried onions and green peppers in soy sauce with tender beef strips. 


ADD: Rice……..R10.00

11. Plant Power Buddha Bowl

Avocado*, Mexican fried beans, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes and halloumi cheese – when available in season *

Vegetarian – 350g………………..R75.00 

ADD: Bbq, asian or tandoori chicken strips…..R20.00

ADD: Asian beef strips…..R25.00

12. Chicquita bowls

Quinoa and chickpea bowls with mixed vegetables :

Chicken – 350g………..R75.00

Beef – 350g……………..R85.00

Soya (vegetarian)


Quinoa and chickpea bowls with mixed vegetables (vegan)


Vegetarian / Vegan

Low Carb Dessert
1. Low Carb Cheesecake

Creamy and indulgent cream cheese and plain yogurt cheesecake that rests on a toasted oat base with a variety of toppings. You can have your dessert without breaking the caloric bank!

6 in a pack mini……………….R180.00

1 large cheesecake tray….R250.00 (serves 8 to 10)


Vanilla Maple cheesecake with grape and almond topping / Peanut butter and dessicated coconut cheesecake with coconut and almond topping / Boujee Berry cheesecake topped with a mixed seasonal berries / Choco-cheesecake with cocoa and chocolate topping.

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